Personal_InjuryIf you or a family member has been injured as a result of an airplane crash, the personal injury attorneys at O’Connell, Attmore & Miller can help you evaluate your situation and develop a clear course of action. In the event of a plane accident, we consult with airplane pilots, air traffic controllers and other aviation experts to identify the facts behind the case. We work to reconstruct the plane crash and identify expert witnesses who can address the facts surrounding the airplane accident.

Plane crashes, whether they involve personal aircraft or commercial airliners, cause tremendous disruption to entire communities, both for passengers, crews, their families and survivors, as well as the neighborhoods where the planes make impact. Damage to property from these accidents can include destruction of homes and automobiles, as well as loss of life in some serious aviation disasters. We work with clients in Connecticut and other states who do not want to wait for the airline or the insurance company to determine an appropriate payment for their claims.

Personal Injury Lawyers Committed to Fair Recovery for Airplane Crash Victims

With offices across Connecticut and in western Massachusetts, our personal injury attorneys are available to meet in person with clients to discuss what filing a lawsuit would entail. We seek to find a fair settlement for victims of airplane crashes and their families.

When we believe it in our clients’ best interest, our personal injury lawyers have the experience and the perseverance to pursue cases to trial. As trial lawyers, we have experience arguing for a verdict that helps plaintiffs recover losses due to missed work, lost income, and medical bills.