Appellate Law and Advocacy

LitigationO’Connell, Attmore & Miller has built a distinguished practice that conducts a wide range of appeals to the Appellate and Supreme Courts, the Second Circuit Court of Appeals, and to administrative agencies.

As a recognized leader in appellate law and advocacy, the firm regularly receives referrals from other law firms, who are seeking specialized counsel familiar with the appellate courts’ unique and detailed requirements. Our clients include individuals, businesses, and institutions appealing trial court decisions arising from the full spectrum of legal issues.  Unlike many other firms, O’Connell, Attmore & Miller prosecutes and defends appeals for our firm’s own trials at all levels of state and federal courts. Our firm’s talent was recognized publicly when we were awarded the Neiditz Award for the Best Appellate Brief in the State of Connecticut.

We also pursue administrative land use appeals and regulatory appeals at a variety of state and federal venues, from the Department of Environmental Protection to the Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities. Our attorneys bring significant procedural and substantive knowledge to each case.  With broad geographic experience across Connecticut and western Massachusetts, our attorneys understand the regulations of most municipal and state boards, and the impact of state and federal policy on local regulations.  We have built credibility at courts and state agencies, and we provide effective local representation to clients throughout both states. Drawing on our wealth of procedural and substantive experience, we provide our clients with our opinion of their likelihood of success on appeal. Armed with this information, our clients decide whether the possibility of success in the appeal justifies the expense. The firm provides timely, cost-appropriate counsel to meet all appellate deadlines and thoroughly review, brief, and argue each case.  Throughout the appellate process, we communicate with our clients and review their options at all levels of the appeal.