StorefrontsWhen a debtors file bankruptcy, it is crucial for creditors to retain counsel who understand the procedural and statutory framework of the Bankruptcy Code in order to protect and enforce their rights.   Our attorneys know this landscape well and act quickly to file a claim with the court to meet strict deadlines and ensure that our clients collect as much of the debt owed to them as possible.

Our firm regularly advises secured and unsecured creditors and joint venture partners about their rights to be heard by the court in chapter 7, 11, 12, and 13 cases, and to share in the distribution from a bankruptcy estate. We have the experience needed to counsel our clients in deciding the most cost-appropriate method of protecting their rights in bankruptcy. Our attorneys will timely file a proof of claim and follow up to ensure the proper distribution from the bankruptcy estate when appropriate, and will litigate an adversary proceeding from start to finish when necessary.  Our lawyers are also adept at contesting debtors’ attempts to strip or cram-down liens, and obtaining relief from stay for creditors.

Whether a client needs its rights protected and enforced in a large portfolio of bankruptcy cases, or needs representation in a single matter, our firm is ready to assist. By working with a skilled team of attorneys, paralegals and staff, our firm offers cost-appropriate representation that endeavors to provide relief to creditors during even the most challenging circumstances.