Business Creation and Dissolution

handshakeOur business formation and dissolution practice focuses on preparing our clients for successful business ventures. 

When starting or growing a business, it is important to plan strategically. A person wishing to start a business must decide the form of entity, whether a corporation, limited liability company or limited liability partnership, to conduct the business. The choice of type of entity is based on many factors and will often be made with the assistance of an accountant or financial professional. It is also important to consider estate planning and succession planning issues, and our attorneys are experienced counseling clients on those issues as well.  We work with clients’ professionals whenever requested or suggested and can recommend professionals to consult.

We also assist with day-to-day management issues, state-required filings, and document preparation, such as formation and governing documents, employment agreements, stock purchase agreements, operating agreements and joint venture agreements. We assist with problem solving, drafting and review of contracts, and employee issues and benefits.

When all parties decide to end their business relationship, the firm will oversee a voluntary division, in which the parties divide their customer base or service area and continue operating separately. In a voluntary dissolution, our attorneys prepare a written understanding and documents dissolving the entity, and assist in the liquidation process. In the rare cases when the parties disagree on whether to end the business, we facilitate court-mandated judicial dissolution of the business.

When conflicts do occur, we provide guidance to resolve disputes in the most cost-appropriate manner. Our attorneys are experienced serving as mediators in internal disputes, and engaging in more formal arbitration processes.