Business Purchases and Sales

handshakeO’Connell, Attmore & Miller provides services to people and businesses interested in purchasing or selling businesses.

There are numerous and complicated legal issues to be managed in the purchase or sale of a business.

Before committing to purchasing a business, it is important to conduct the appropriate level of due diligence.  Our attorneys work closely with clients throughout this process, acquiring and analyzing information and providing counsel on key areas of concern.

The purchase of a business involves consideration of issues like price, terms and financing for the purchase. Our attorneys’ long-term experience in this area is an asset to clients in negotiating and drafting these terms.  We have the knowledge and insight to counsel clients on how to best structure transactions for tax purposes.  We also draw on our full-service real estate group’s experience to assist business clients with issues regarding the acquisition, leasing, and disposition of real property.

The sale of an ongoing business will entail questions about terms, conditions and methods of sale. For example, the sale transaction may be structured as the sale of interests in the business (as for example shares of stock of a corporation or membership interests of a limited liability company), or sale of the assets of the business. The sale of a small business may require the seller to decide if it will provide financing to purchase or require that the purchase price be fully paid at closing.

Our attorneys regularly assist clients with strategies regarding structuring the purchase or sale, considering the tax consequences of the structure, negotiating the transaction, drafting documents, and closing the transaction. Call or email our firm today to put us to work for your business.