Client Testimonials

The following testimonial is from a client of personal injury attorney Jeffrey R. Martin, who represented the client following an automobile accident.

“Before the accident, I would see those commercials on TV from what I thought were ‘ambulance chasers.’ It’s not until you go through an issue like this that you understand the magnitude of the situation. The pain, suffering, family impacts, and life impacts of the injured. Let us not forget a guy like you. I know now the hard-working attorneys like you actually sacrifice a lot… In the end, it’s to help people, sort of like the doctors of the law profession. You honor your profession by being a part of it…

“I will make referrals as often as I can for you and your firm. You have changed the outcome of our lives to one of, at least, less worry. There is no possible way a person can thank you for something of that magnitude. Thanks for putting a little bit of the smile back on my face, doc.”

Attorney Martin always makes time to talk directly with clients about their individual situation and their potential personal injury lawsuit. He and the rest of the personal injury practice in the Connecticut and Massachusetts law offices of O’Connell, Attmore & Morris work to recover losses for clients who have sustained injuries through car, truck, motorcycle and boating accidents; dog and other animal bites; and falls and other injuries suffered at properties.