Commercial Litigation

Top Commercial Litigation Lawyers in ConnecticutWhen business disputes arise, a law firm fluent in the economics of dispute resolution makes for an invaluable ally. O’Connell, Attmore & Miller practices commercial litigation informed by decades of experience and knowledge of the business world. The firm’s approach to commercial litigation weighs the transactional costs before recommending solutions that serve our clients’ best interest.

Our commercial litigation attorneys provide legal counsel to clients in Connecticut and Massachusetts with representation consistent with their overarching business plans. When proceeding with litigation would yield expenses out of proportion with the dispute, the firm advises on mediation and other dispute resolution alternatives. Many clients, especially in closely-held businesses, do not appreciate the personal and financial cost that litigation requires. We ensure that our clients understand what they are undertaking from the beginning of the process.

The commercial litigation practice guides clients ranging from small, family-owned businesses to national organizations and Global 2000 companies through internal disputes and conflicts with customers, competitors, and other companies in both state and federal courts. Our commercial litigation attorneys advise clients in Connecticut and Massachusetts on complex issues including unfair trade practice claims, corporate torts, title issues, international property, trademarks and trade secrets, and other commercial and contract disputes.

Commercial litigation often encompasses other practice areas, and O’Connell, Attmore & Miller clients draw strength from working with an established firm that can handle almost any legal matter, including business creation and dissolution, employment law,  licensing, and regulatory compliance. Our preventative risk management work includes providing counsel to establish practices that will avoid future disputes.

If a business cannot resolve a dispute over money, management, personnel or other issues, O’Connell, Attmore & Miller will offer business-savvy advice to resolve the issue so our clients can concentrate on running their companies. Our attorneys have successfully tried cases in every judicial district in Connecticut and have won cases in the federal Second Circuit Court.