Enforcement of Foreign Judgments

JuryWe are a valuable partner for businesses and individuals with out-of-state judgments looking to enforce their rights against other businesses, individuals, and assets in Connecticut and Massachusetts. Our team manages a robust default servicing practice of collection cases, foreclosures, and bankruptcy claims. Our experience and resources in this area make our firm the right choice to act as your local counsel enforcing judgments in Connecticut and Massachusetts.

Our attorneys know how to search for assets and pursue them in a cost-appropriate way. We regularly attach and sell assets and collateral property to satisfy our clients’ claims. We also know how to locate and execute bank accounts, and garnish wages.

As the body of law regulating creditors, including judgment creditors, continues to grow, it is crucial to employ counsel with an in-depth knowledge of the local laws and procedures. We provide our clients with sound advice, listen to their feedback, then aggressively and efficiently pursue the strategies that are right for them. If you want to enforce an out-of-state judgment in Connecticut or Massachusetts, we are ready to help.