February 20th Tax Appeal Deadline

February 20thThe most wonderful time of the year – it’s tax appeal season once again!

Feeling the pinch of high property taxes in Connecticut? OAM Attorneys have extensive experience and a strong history of success in obtaining property tax relief through the tax appeal process.

Pursuant to Connecticut law, anyone aggrieved by a tax assessor’s overvaluation of their property has a right to appeal to their town’s board of assessment appeals.  What’s the catch? Property owners need to submit a written appeal no later than FEBRUARY 20th. Late appeals, regardless of whether they would otherwise be successful, will be dismissed.

After taking the first step of filing of a written appeal, a hearing will be scheduled before the local town board of assessment appeals. Following a determination by the board of assessment appeals, the property owner has the option of either accepting the board’s decision or taking the next step of appealing the board’s decision to the Connecticut Superior Court. An appeal to the Connecticut Superior Court must be made within two months of the mailing of a decision by the local board of assessment appeals.

Tax assessment appeals to the Connecticut Superior Court are treated like trials; evidence is presented of the property value, and testimony of competing appraisers is heard by a judge in order to determine the correct property value to assess. Oftentimes there is an opportunity to settle the appeal for a lower assessment before the appeal is even heard.

We educate our clients throughout the process, keeping them informed about the potential costs and benefits of their property tax appeal efforts.  Our attorneys make sure every client receives the individualized attention that they deserve and minimize their tax liability wherever possible.

The time to act is NOW!  If you feel you have been aggrieved by tax assessment, contact O’Connell, Attmore & Morris to speak with Michael O’Connell, Marc Miller or Stan Michael Maslona for a free consultation regarding your case.  We are here to help!