Local Counsel Services

Local Counsel Law Firm in Connecticut & MassachusettsO’Connell, Attmore, & Miller is frequently retained as local counsel in Connecticut and western Massachusetts by out-of-state businesses and law firms. We guide out-of-state counsel and clients through the local procedures, and provide substantive legal support by assisting with court appearances, court filings and deposition coverage when requested. They rely on our detailed knowledge and extensive experience regarding Connecticut and Massachusetts’ practice and procedure in state and federal trial and appellate courts, as well as state agencies and municipal boards. In addition, we apply our experience with local legal resources and databases to provide research when requested.

When retained as local counsel in Connecticut and western Massachusetts, we provide the same level of service and attention to out-of-state counsel as we do to our clients. At the outset, we discuss and agree upon their expectations and their needs. We communicate frequently and regularly to ensure that they are fully apprised of all activity in Connecticut and western Massachusetts. We then provide all requested work product well in advance of deadlines to allow both counsel and clients to review it before their filing or production.

We believe that the frequency of our retention as local counsel in Connecticut and Massachusetts is directly related to the high level of service and cooperation we provide. It is also the reason why we have established lasting relationships with so many out-of-state firms that rely on us to be their local counsel.