Medical Malpractice

Personal_InjuryMedical malpractice litigation requires highly skilled representation to navigate the complex legal, medical, and insurance issues that surround serious and life-changing injuries. O’Connell, Attmore & Miller has developed an extensive knowledge of the Connecticut and Massachusetts medical community and the standards of reasonable and appropriate medical conduct. Through our experience in the medical malpractice area, we know how best to proceed when we believe that malpractice caused our clients’ injuries.

Our firm has established a national network of medical experts to assist in reviewing medical documents and records, and evaluating and preparing cases. These physicians, surgeons and other medical professionals offer preliminary opinions and testify if they believe that the case involves malpractice. Based on their recommendations, our attorneys pursue further interviews with specialists in specific medical areas and assesses the details in each case to determine which parties were responsible for any negligence or incompetence.

When faced with medical malpractice litigation, doctors have the right to withhold consent for settlements. In fact, there is a disincentive for doctors to settle malpractice claims because both settlements and plaintiffs’ verdicts will appear with their names in the national databank. Medical malpractice cases proceed to trial with greater frequency than other personal injury cases, and the insurance companies that represent the doctors have much to lose if a jury awards a significant verdict. It’s important to choose an attorney with the experience to pursue your case to trial.

Medical malpractice can have a devastating effect on the lives of our clients and their families. Our attorneys in this practice area have decades of trial experience and will pursue the greatest possible recovery on your behalf.