MGM Award

Town Attorney Simon Brighenti and the rest of the leadership team from West Springfield were awarded the first favorable arbitrator’s award against MGM International in Massachusetts. The arbitration involved presentations of a Best and Final Offer from each side detailing expected economic and social impacts of a casino which will almost assuredly be built in the South End of Springfield.

Under the new state gaming statute, casino developers must provide surrounding communities with payments to mitigate any probable impacts. MGM had offered an initial payment of approximately $175,000 with annual payments averaging approximately $150,000.00 for fifteen years. West Springfield argued successfully that expected impacts would be more significant and wide ranging than MGM theorized. The arbitrators, all retired judges, accepted the town’s numbers which included an upfront payment of $665,000.00 and average annual payments of approximately $425,000.00 to extend beyond the initial fifteen years. MGM is the sole contender for a Western Massachusetts casino license. The license award is expected by July of this year.

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