Personal Disputes

JuryO’Connell, Attmore & Miller regularly represents individuals in disputes with neighbors, colleagues, family members, and others.  Personal disputes often involve ongoing neighborhood, workplace, family, and community relationships, and typically have the potential to impact our clients in ways that are not only financial.  We understand these facts and work closely with our clients to craft strategies that will help them to achieve their objectives while minimizing the disruption in their lives.  Every situation is unique, and we believe our clients are entitled to individually-tailored plans that meets their specific goals.  We have the depth and breadth of experience necessary to be an invaluable ally in disputes that, for whatever reason, cannot be resolved without litigation.

We also understand that sometimes personal disputes engender strong feelings, which can be out of proportion to the amount at stake in any given dispute.  Rather than feed this fire, we apply a common sense approach.  We advise our clients in advance as to the potential time and expense of a particular strategy, so that they will be in a position to make an informed decision, with our counsel, at each stage of the dispute resolution process.   When appropriate, we counsel our clients against taking steps and litigating cases in a way that will be overly expensive or invasive for them. This is because we genuinely care about providing a good and fair value to our clients in every case, whether a neighborly spat, a problem with a coworker, or a dispute over ownership of familial assets.

At the same time, when a client understands the risks and potential rewards, we stand fully prepared to aggressively vindicate our clients’ rights, through adept use of the state and federal court system.  Our firm’s trial attorneys use their experience and know-how to craft litigation strategies to maximize leverage for our clients.  Just as a good craftsman knows the importance of selecting the right tool for every job, we work hard to follow the best procedural and substantive strategy in every case.

Our firm’s experience and knowledge across a wide breath of practice areas, including real estate, business, personal injury, taxation and estate planning, allow us to thoroughly examine our clients’ personal disputes, and avoid unanticipated ramifications.  We provide our clients with sound advice, and effective litigation strategies when needed.  Our attorneys pride themselves on their ability to resolve personal disputes efficiently and, more importantly, with results that achieve our clients’ goals.