Kathryn C. Rivet


Kathryn C. Rivet

Attorney Kathryn C. Rivet practices civil litigation. Her clients include product manufacturers in defense of product defect, general liability, and fire claims. She handles national litigation involving claims for the loss of life and property. In addition to representing clients in the courtroom, she regularly attends fire scene investigations and fire artifact investigations.

Prior to joining O’Connell, Attmore & Morris, LLC, Attorney Rivet acted as Senior Associate Counsel at another Connecticut firm where she handled civil defense of clients in Connecticut and other jurisdictions throughout the United States for several years. Attorney Rivet worked as a Legal Research Clerk for the judges of the Connecticut Superior Court. Attorney Rivet has worked as an extern at the Office of the Attorney General of Massachusetts and also for law firms located in Massachusetts specializing in civil matters.

Before becoming an attorney, Attorney Rivet worked for international manufacturing and distribution companies, which gives her a practical understanding of her business clients’ needs and priorities.

Attorney Rivet participates in training and educational opportunities through national and regional defense counsel associations, as well as the International Association of Arson Investigators and the National Association of Fire Investigators.

Attorney Rivet has represented clients with high value fire and product liability cases involving claims for:

  • Wrongful deaths and serious injuries from industrial lawn mower/equipment fires;
  • Deaths, injuries and property damage resulting from a candy factory explosion;
  • Deaths and personal injuries arising out of a barge fire;
  • Personal injuries from hot water scalding in boiler cases involving a child and restaurant staff;
  • Property damage from warehouse fires;
  • Property damage and loss of business from a fire in a large recycling facility;
  • Property damage from an air purifier fire in a research laboratory;
  • Property damage at diverse types of retail stores and restaurants;
  • Property damage from fire allegedly caused by a component of overhead power line system;
  • Losses of a multimillion dollar home on Nantucket and amusement park equipment caused by spontaneous combustion of floor sandings;
  • Property damage arising out of a dryer fire;
  • Property damage due to a deteriorating concrete foundation;
  • as well as numerous other insurance defense matters involving gas and electrical powered equipment and fire suppression systems.

Attorney Rivet is an active member of DRI – “The Voice of the Defense Bar”; serves as Vice President of the Chicopee Massachusetts Bar Association; and is admitted to the bars of Connecticut, Massachusetts, the U.S. District Court of Connecticut and the U.S. District Court of Massachusetts. She routinely associates with out-of-state counsel to provide legal services to her clients, wherever their needs may be.