Product Liability Defense

JuryOur principal attorneys have established a prominent practice in the area of complex product liability defense, serving as statewide counsel in Connecticut and Massachusetts for large manufacturing companies either through their insurance carrier, or directly in the case of self-insured clients.  Our firm’s founder, Michael O’Connell, is one of Connecticut’s most experienced asbestos litigation attorneys. Over the past three decades, Attorney O’Connell has leveraged the procedural knowledge that he acquired defending asbestos cases to successfully defend manufacturers in a wide variety of industries including tire, heavy machinery, heavy equipment, commercial vehicles, construction equipment, footwear, sporting equipment, and numerous others.

Led by Attorney O’Connell, our product liability trial attorneys take a hands-on approach to defending these claims, which involves an immersion in the manufacturing and design of products to analyze the specific details, understand the dynamics of the accident, and prepare a full and proper defense for each product.  We have built a well-respected bank of qualified engineering and technical contacts across the country that provide expert testimony in product liability cases.  This network of relationships with skilled experts in various fields is an important part of our successful strategy for approaching the unique technical and evidentiary analysis that these cases require.

As national coordinator for several clients with complex and recurring litigation, the firm’s principals supervise local counsel outside of Connecticut and Massachusetts and act as lead counsel for litigation and alternative dispute resolution (ADR) processes nationally.  On other hand, our in-depth knowledge of the Connecticut Product Liability Act and local civil procedure make us the perfect choice to serve as local product liability defense counsel in Connecticut and Massachusetts.

Drawing on extensive product liability experience, the firm has worked to automate the product liability litigation and claims process, which saves our clients time and expense.  Our products defense team takes a methodical, organized approach to every case.  Our attorneys involve their paralegal staff, and use electronic document management technology, as appropriate to control costs and provide the most efficient defense possible.  After years of consistently surpassing our clients’ expectations, our firm has earned its reputation as a formidable opponent in product liability cases.