Defense of Professional Licenses

Professional License Defense Help in ConnecticutThe lawyers at O’Connell, Attmore & Miller keenly appreciate that valid professional licenses are the lifeblood for our individual and closely-held businesses clients in insurance, securities, real estate, accounting, health care, nursing home, legal, financial services, daycare and other regulated fields. Our attorneys fiercely advocate for clients facing white-collar, securities and other criminal or civil charges, taking swift action to preserve their licenses and mitigate any penalties, suspensions or fines. Our approach to each case is designed to secure the best outcomes for our clients commensurate with the details of the individual case, whether our goal is avoiding criminal charges, negotiating for a settlement, or presenting our client’s case at trial.

With years of experience in professional license defense in Connecticut and Massachusetts, our attorneys are able to adeptly evaluate the facts of each case to determine the best course of action for our clients. Our approach is centered on protecting their business and individual interests and their credibility within their industries. We candidly advise clients when we believe that litigation would be too risky or costly, both financially and professionally.

We represent our clients through regulatory inquiries, administrative hearings, and if necessary, bring their appeals. Our attorneys bring substantive skill and knowledge of the applicable banking, insurance, securities, real estate and other related laws, while paying close attention to the procedures and deadlines applicable to each case.  Over the years we have developed a network of forensic accountants, financial analysts and other investment experts who assist in our investigations and provide expert testimony. The firm has an untarnished, first-class reputation that carries weight with Connecticut, Massachusetts and other state agencies, as well as federal agencies, other attorneys, and regulatory boards.

On the preventative side, O’Connell, Attmore & Miller works with clients to insure that their compliance procedures meet the statutes, rules and regulations imposed by state, federal and private regulatory agencies. Where appropriate, we recommend changes to business models to conform to state and federal laws. Our related practice areas in taxation, commercial litigation, and business creation and dissolution provide additional support to clients throughout the licensing and regulatory process.

O’Connell, Attmore & Miller has developed a reputation for earnestly defending our clients in a cost-appropriate way, through a system in which partners, associate attorneys and paralegals delegate work as appropriate. We are prepared to exhaust all reasonable avenues for our clients, and we have both the depth and breadth of experience to provide sound counsel and vigorous advocacy to defend our clients’ professional licenses in Connecticut and Massachusetts.