Property Tax Appeals

How to Appeal your Property Taxes in ConnecticutO’Connell, Attmore & Miller has significant experience assisting its clients in contesting inappropriate residential and commercial real estate property taxes. Our property tax appeal attorneys challenge incorrect or overvalued property assessments that result in unfair taxation. We represent clients throughout the administrative appeals process and into court, if necessary. We are often able to negotiate appropriate reductions in assessment values.

Our attorneys apply their experience across relevant areas of law, including taxation, real estate development, foreclosure, bankruptcy, and appellate law, to carefully ascertain the fair value of a property, construct an appeal and bring it to the appropriate court or venue. Clients include homeowners, commercial property owners, and developers with properties across Connecticut and Massachusetts.

Overvaluation of properties and the volatility of the real estate market have generated increased interest in property tax appeals. Clients regularly approach the firm with questions about whether their perceived decline in value of their real estate translates into a reduction in taxable value. Other questions frequently arise, including the impact of foreclosure, the effect of planning and zoning laws, and other related issues.

The firm has successfully represented property tax appeals involving single family homes and multi-family residences, as well as multi-building apartment complexes across Connecticut and Massachusetts, with assessments that ranged from six-figures to $100 million. Our attorneys have successfully pursued complex property tax appeals, including industrial plants, strip malls, office buildings, airports, industrial parks, and approved subdivisions. We have significant experience representing the owners of historic mixed-use structures, including Union Station in New London, CT and the Cast Iron Building in Hartford, CT.

If your property has been assessed at a value that you believe is unfairly high, contact property tax appeal Attorneys Michael D. O’Connell or Stephen H. Solomson at O’Connell, Attmore & Morris to learn more about how to pursue an appeal. We can review your case and recommend an appropriate course of action.