Residential and Commercial Closings

Real_EstateOur attorneys work with commercial developers and residential home-buyers from the moment they find a property of interest. We recommend that clients speak with one of our real estate attorneys before signing a contract and potentially losing any of their rights. We are only a phone call or email away when a client wants us to examine a potential contract, and our decades of experience prepare us to review the language efficiently, insightfully, and cost-appropriately.

Our goal is to ensure that our clients understand the terms and conditions of their contracts, secure the appropriate number and level of inspections, and enter into the most suitable purchase and sale agreement and mortgage based on their specific situations. This is an exciting time for our clients and we offer the added peace of mind of knowing that we are here to protect their interests.

Throughout the process, we can provide counsel through contract negotiations, and recommendations on points and securing the lowest available interest rate. We work with relocation clients, review loan documentation, and clear up questions regarding title. We also assist banks and entrepreneurs on the purchase and sale of foreclosed properties, cleaning up title issues, checking for liens from the IRS, and locating other potential liabilities.

Our firm regularly assists commercial developers in securing financing for new construction, redevelopment, retail properties, multi-family housing, and industrial properties.  We have experience representing national and local mortgage companies and real estate investment trusts involved in local, multi-site, and multi-jurisdictional transactions.  The wide breadth of our firm’s practice areas is an asset to our commercial real estate clients, as we not only provide guidance on the terms of the transaction, but can also handle any zoning, title, or regulatory issues that arise.

Our knowledgeable and responsive attorneys answer all of our clients’ questions promptly and leave them feeling more confident about making these important transaction.  Our experienced legal team is a valuable ally to clients in today’s real estate market.