Slip and Fall

Personal_InjuryOur personal injury attorneys work with accident victims who have injured themselves through “slip and falls.” Formally known as dangerous premise cases, slip and fall accidents can lead to missed work and mounting medical bills. Our personal injury attorneys help accident victims in Connecticut and Massachusetts determine who is responsible for the dangerous condition and pursue fair recoveries.

Clients call us with slip and fall accidents that have occurred in public places, including shopping malls, stores, and public parking lots and garages. Other injuries take place at sporting arenas, private homes, city sidewalks, schools and the workplace. These injuries may be caused in part by unsafe weather conditions, such as improperly cleared ice and snow, or poorly maintained property, such as unsecured grates, stairway railings, or manhole covers.

Pursuing Slip and Fall Cases in Connecticut and Massachusetts
Your slip and fall injury can raise a number of questions. Do you have a case? Who should you sue? What is the statute of limitations for filing a slip and fall lawsuit in Connecticut or Massachusetts? We can help you get answers and pursue a personal injury lawsuit that may also protect others from suffering similar slip and fall injuries due to the same dangerous conditions.

Our personal injury attorneys will help review the details of your case and determine if it may be in your best interest to pursue a lawsuit. We work with slip and fall victims who have suffered genuine injuries and who want the services of an attorney to seek a fair result. Our attorneys can discuss the process of filing a personal injury lawsuit and how we can help.