Personal_InjuryTruck accidents can be particularly devastating. Often these accidents involve commercial truck drivers who make their living on the road. Accidents that leave truck drivers unable to work threaten their health and their livelihood. Other drivers or passengers impacted by a truck accident can suffer devastating injuries. Our personal injury lawyers have experience pursuing personal injury cases that involve large, heavy-duty trucks as well as pickup trucks and SUVs.

Some drivers are involved in collisions with other vehicles – either another large truck or a passenger car – while others are victims of mechanical or equipment failure involving their rig. Injuries can be serious, and sometimes permanent or even fatal. The truck accident lawyers at O’Connell, Attmore & Miller pursue a fair settlement so injured truck drivers can have monetary compensation for their accident claim.

Experience Fighting for Truck Drivers and Other Truck Accident Victims
In the course of pursuing truck accident cases, our attorneys evaluate insurance policies, examine the facts surrounding the truck accident, consult with medical and scientific experts, and prepare to bring the case to trial. Often, the reputation of our attorneys helps us avoid going to court and settling the truck accident case. With our years of experience in Connecticut and Massachusetts we understand what is fair and we work to achieve results that will help individuals injured in truck accidents and their families recover after an accident.