What to do if you have been injured?

The personal injury attorneys at O’Connell, Attmore & Miller offer the following steps to take if you have been injured in an accident.

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  1. Identify yourself to the other persons involved in the incident and the investigating police officer or other official.
  2. Identify the other people involved in the incident, especially other drivers and witnesses.
  3. Seek appropriate medical attention promptly.  If you are in pain, or you suspect that you have sustained an injury, obtain medical attention as soon as possible.  Delays in seeking appropriate care can lead to negative medical and legal outcomes.
  4. Take pictures if you can.  Damage to vehicles and unsafe conditions can be difficult to prove after the cars have been disposed of, the ice has melted or the defective stairs have been repaired.  Camera phones are handy, and can be very helpful in preserving evidence.
  5. Follow your doctor’s advice for further evaluation or treatment.  It may be difficult to prove the extent and genuineness of your injuries if you don’t follow your doctor’s advice concerning follow up treatment or diagnostic evaluation.
  6. Do not speak to the other person’s insurance representative about how the accident happened or about your injuries.  And do not allow him or her to take a recorded statement.  Tell them that you are going to obtain a personal injury lawyer to represent you.  It is, however, okay to allow the insurance company to appraise your car, and to arrange for them to pay for its repair.
  7. Call a qualified personal injury lawyer as soon as possible.  Early consultation can avoid missteps that may be difficult to remedy later.